The MCCI signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with colleagues from the Chilean city of Osorno
 The MCCI signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with colleagues from the Chilean city of Osorno
The meeting was opened by the President of the MCCI, Mr. Vladimir Platonov. He described to the Chilean delegation  the history of the Russian capital's Chamber, paying tribute to Moscow entrepreneurs who created it. Mr. Platonov recalled that in the summer of 2018, within the framework of the Moscow Urban Forum, representatives of 9 Chambers of Commerce and Industry of large cities decided to unite into the Council of the Heads of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of city-centers of business activity in the Euro-Asian economic space in order to help each other exchange the necessary experience and jointly work out a growth strategy. The opportunity to join the Council is open to representatives of the Chilean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (in this case, the Council will become transcontinental). 
“I am sure that our dialogue will not be limited to this meeting  - the signing of the Memorandum. Our entrepreneurs set the task for us to actively collaborate with each other to create conditions and opportunities for their cooperation. We have such opportunities, ” said the President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
The President of the Osorno Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Tourism, Mr. Juan Horacio Carrasco, offered his thanks for the opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest. “For us, this is a great pride and joy. We have high hopes for mutual cooperation,” he said. He then said that the Osorno Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private organization, but that it works in close cooperation and collaboration with the authorities. 
Although Chile is not a large country, it is a leader in Latin America in many respects, including the highest GDP per capita. Chile leads the way in attracting investment. In 2018, the country's exports grew by 14%. The main item of export is copper, in addition to which cellulose, wood and food products are  exported as well. Also, a vigorous effort is extended, focusing on the expansion of trade. Chile’s imports grew by 15% in 2018. Foreign trade is concentrated on the countries of Asia, America and Europe. China accounts for 63% of the total goods turnover. Japan - 14%. In Europe, the work  concentrates mainly on Germany, France and Spain. Trade in 2018 increased by 46%. 
Trade with Russia is still small. But Chilean entrepreneurs are confident that there are many opportunities for engaging in joint enterprises. “The first sign, indicating the growth opportunities for Russian exports to Chile, is an 80% increase in the exports of goods. This figure indicates that in our country, there is an interest in Russian products and that we are considered to be serious business partners. We represent the Osorno region. And it is a great honor for us to extend opportunities for our businessmen to cooperate with Russian entrepreneurs directly, ” said Mr. Carrasco. 
“While Europe suffers from sanctions, I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries,” Mr. Platonov said at the conclusion of the meeting. 

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