The cooperation agreemnt between MCCI and the CCI of the Canton of Geneva
On August 31, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a cooperation agreement between the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CCI of the Canton of Geneva, (Switzerland).
The document was signed by the President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Vladimir Platonov, by the Vice-President of the CCI of Geneva, Ms. Antonietta Frangi and the Deputy Director General of the Geneva Chamber, Mr. Vincent Subilia.
As Vladimir Platonov stated, the Moscow Chamber pays very close attention to the development of interregional and international relations. "It is much wiser to learn from other people's mistakes than from one’s own and particularly when it comes to successful endeavors,” said the President of the MCCI. “ And it is much better for everyone, if the deity of commerce comes to Russia, not the one  of contention.” 
“One can and should develop business cooperation with us. " The Head of the Moscow Chamber told the guests from Switzerland about the history of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and about the traditions of entrepreneurship that it supports and cultivates. He invited his Swiss visitors to study the Convention regarding the creation of the Council of the Heads of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Euro-Asian Space and, if there are no conflicting questions, to join it. 
"The Council is designed to unite cities and centers of business activity. If the C6 Business Council is the union of the heads of the CCIs of the world's largest megacities, the new organization is called upon to join rapidly  developing cities under its auspices in order to establish economic and business ties," said the MCCI’s Vice-President, Mr. Siren Vardanyan, supervising its foreign economic activity unit.

In turn, Mr. Subilia said that Russia is a long-standing and priority partner for Geneva. "Now Switzerland occupies 10th place among the countries investing in the Russian economy. We believe that this indicator can be improved, " he said. A representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Geneva invited his Moscow colleagues to take part in a number of business events, which will take place this fall. 
Mr. Vardanyan outlined the basic sectors of the economy, in which interaction can be mutually beneficial and interesting: tourism, finance, medicine (including the manufacturing of medical equipment and use of biotechnology), formation and the development of inland transportation. He invited the Swiss colleagues to become acquainted with the new project of the MCCI – the electronic platform”Business Market”, on which it is planned to publish commercial  proposals of the members, belonging to the Council of cities –  centers  of business activity. 

The proposal was met with  an enthusiastic response by  the delegation from Switzerland. In addition, the Vice – President of the MCCI described the main directions of the Youth Guild of the MCCI - from fashion shows and theater festivals to developing  new business ideas and technologies. Ms. Antonietta Frangi said that working with young entrepreneurs is an important part of the activities of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF Geneva also and, since business is evolving rapidly, the Chamber considers that it is necessary to monitor and anticipate the trends of its development.

At the end of the meeting, the parties exchanged memorabilia and agreed in the near future to discuss specific areas for further cooperation.

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