The Taiwan-Russia Business Forum was held at the MCCI site
On September 7, the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Taiwan-Russia Business Forum, organized by the Taiwan-Russian Association in conjunction with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As the Vice – President of the MCCI,Mr.  Suren Vardanyan stated, "As business partners, representatives of the Taiwanese businesses are very easy to deal with: they combine the Asian attitudes with the European and American methods, which greatly facilitates the creation of common business structures." Currently, the MCCI plans to conduct a business mission of Moscow companies to Taiwan. "We will try to make this campaign as productive as possible, focusing on results," Suren Vardanyan said.

Acting as the Head of the Moscow office of the Taipei-Moscow Coordination Commission for Economic and Cultural Cooperation, Mr. MZhong-yun Keng, said that the trade turnover between our countries exceeded 2 billion 600 million dollars per year. Taiwan pays  very close attention to the development of innovative industries and the development of high technologies.

Now the program of economic development is being developed, which is called "5 + 2". Among the priorities, the speaker called biotechnology, production of agricultural products using innovations, etc. The speaker noted that in Russia there is an advanced experience in the use of stem cells, bone marrow transplants and this experience they are ready to adopt and use. In addition to biotechnology, the interest of Taiwanese businessmen is focused on the technologies of the energy cluster of the Russian Federation, which enjoys a high degree of competitiveness in the world. 
Now more and more Taiwanese entrepreneurs are arriving in Russia, learning about its market, studying legislation. Since September, for Russians, the entry into Taiwan has become visa-free: up to 14 days, representatives of the Russian Federation can stay without having to obtain entry documents. Mr. Khen said that he is confident that this step will also contribute to the development of economic relations between Russia and Taiwan.
The President of the Taiwan-Russian Association, Mr. Qing-yang Huang, said that this year marks 25 years since the establishment of the Taiwan office in Russia. In recent years, Taiwan has achieved significant results in the field of biotechnology, including medicine.

There is a large flow of investments to this segment . The main tasks in this area are to shorten the time of drugs’ implementation. At the moment, 230 drugs are being tested clinically. A lot of money is invested in the training of medical personnel - $ 15 billion is allocated annually for these purposes. For comparison, $ 5 billion is spent on technical equipment and its development.

The Professor of the National University of Taiwan, Dr. Yao-chan Chen, spoke about the prospects for cooperation between Russia and Taiwan in the field of regenerative medicine, and the head of the A.I. Burnazyan Center for Biomedical Technologies, Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Ms.Tatiana Astrelina, introduced innovative technologies in this field. In addition, the prospects for cooperation in the field of energy were discussed.

Mr. Vardanyan, summing up the results of the event, noted: "We are counting on concrete results of the forum. Today, interesting technologies were discussed, B2B negotiations and informal meetings were held. They can lead to new joint projects. 

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