The Chambers of Commerce and industry of Moscow and Dresden will outline priorities for cooperation
On September 11, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dresden hosted a business forum dedicated to the issues of overcoming barriers in international trade, particularly between Russia, the USA, Great Britain and China.

The President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Vladimir Platonov, was asked to discuss the topic of economic relations between Germany and Russia. The President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce admitted that certain problems of bilateral cooperation exist, primarily in connection with the sanctions imposed, but in general, relations are developing in a positive way: "We understand that today, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry serve as links between Russian and German partners, guaranteeing the integrity and good will of entrepreneurs - their members ", - said the President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Platonov emphasized that Moscow’s authorities developed a unique set of measures for supporting foreign investors wishing to localize production in Moscow. For example, guarantees of the city are provided for non-commercial risks, subsidies are offered, investors are exempted from taxes, customs payments, etc. 
 During negotiations with the President of the Dresden Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Andreas Sperl, an agreement was reached to determine the spheres most relevant for cooperation and to establish regular information exchange. Moreover, the parties decided to develop a strategy for cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce of Moscow and Dresden. 
 Representatives of Russian companies, in particular, engine manufacturers, as well as providers of legal services took part in the forum. They noted that with a competent, thoughtful approach to building contractual relations, the partners' collaboration is developing successfully. 

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