The MCCI took part in the discussion of the Eurasian economic integration process
On November 22, the 13th International Conference "The Eurasian Economic Integration", organized by the Eurasian Development Bank, was held at the World Trade Center, in Moscow. The Conference was attended by the Vice-President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Suren Vardanyan and Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia, Head of the Commission for Foreign Economic Cooperation with partners in Pakistan, Mr. Stanislav Korolyov.

The representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union’s member States and integration structures discussed the possibility of creating Eurasian brands “Made in the EAEU”. The Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Mr. Tigran Sargsyan, said: “We must focus on global integration projects that would create Eurasian brands and help promote our products in the markets of the third world countries”

The panel session was devoted to the issues of capitalization and results of the work of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), the role of the national currencies of the EAEU on the world stage, and the prospects for creating a Union analogue of SWIFT. The EDB’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Andrei Belyaninov, noted: “Almost 42% of the bank’s loan portfolio is in Russia and 40% in Kazakhstan. We regard this development as a disadvantage, but also as an opportunity for future endeavors. We need to increase our presence, our investment portfolio in Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan,” said Mr. Belyaninov.

The Vice-President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Vardanyan, stressing the importance of the Chambers of Commerce in the Eurasian integration processes, presented the unique experience of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the creation of the Council of the Heads of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Euro-Asian economic space. “Today, nine CCIs have already signed the agreement initiated by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry; among them are the CCIs of Bratislava, Karachi, Istanbul, Yerevan, and Russian regional centers. We began to work closely on a site, the platform in digital format. Members of the Chambers can post their commercial offers on the portal, created by the MCCI - the "Business Market", which currently hosts more than 500 proposals. The participants are real partners and it is a genuine interaction in real time. In this case, the CCI system acts only as an intermediary and a guarantor of the integrity of these companies. We invite the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Eurasian countries to join the agreement and launch conclusive and definite mechanisms for the development of economic ties,” said Mr. Vardanyan.

Mr. Korolev presented the spectrum of activities of the international development institutions of the countries of Eurasia. 
The event was organized with the support of the Government of Moscow and the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the City of Moscow.

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