The business of the of the Basque Spanish province is focused on Moscow
On July 26, a meeting of the Vice President of the MCCI, Mr. Suren Vardanyan, and the delegation of the Agency for the Development and Support of Trade and Investments of the Basque (Spain), was held at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The Autonomous Community of the the Basque Country is a part of the eponymous historical region, whose territory also extends to the Spanish province of Navarre and the Northern Basque Country in the south of France. 

The Spanish province of the Basque Country has developed industry and tourism, as well as agriculture. One of the largest centers in Spain for the extraction of iron ore is in the province of Vizcaya, and the Basque Country is rapidly developing its metallurgical industry. In Bilbao, one of the oldest and most famous metallurgical plants is located – the "Altos Ornos de Vizcaya". 

According to the latest data, the Basque Country counts about 35,000 small farms, with  livestock being a traditional type of the Basque means of existence. In La Rioja-Alavesa there are large plantations of grapes. Along with growing livestock, the traditional activity of Basques is fishing. 

The MCCI’s Vice President, Mr. Vardanyan, noted that the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates on the basis of the Moscow City Law, which affords the Chamber special privileges. The wide network includes 179 Chambers throughout Russia, while making the MCCI the most effective instrument for promoting products, services, and providing valuable advice on investment issues. And, with all its implicit advantages, membership in the CCI system for Russian enterprises remains voluntary. 

Members of the delegation noted that in the Basque Country, small businesses are vigorously developing, and many companies are actively participating in international markets. 25% of the region's GDP are involved in industrial products.  - For example, the leading Basque business group, “ Mondragon”, as well as companies in construction, energy, automotive industry already operate in Russia.  " We are interested in developing relations with the system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in order to promote the entry of Basque companies ' products to the Russian market ," said the Head of the delegation, Head of the international network of the Agency's, Mr. Iñigo Ohandiano. Russia has been chosen as a priority country for the promotion of products of the banking enterprises. The Agency's representation system unites 17 offices around the world, including Moscow. 

Mr. Vardanyan said that 35% of the volume of manufactured innovative products is concentrated in Moscow. The most promising areas for investment are pharmaceuticals, engineering, IT, biotechnology, alternative energy, 3D modeling, telecommunications, transport development, tourism, fashion industry, hotel business, etc. He reminded that Moscow has investment legislation that protects investors in the event of non-commercial risks. In addition, investors are offered considerable tax benefits, as well as preferential conditions from city’s authorities for government bids. The annual volume of state contracts in Moscow exceeded $ 10 billion, Mr. Vardanyan said. 

The representatives of the Basque delegation indicated that they are interested in participating in the state bid for the supply of electric vehicles, which are produced in the Spanish province. Contacts and consultations will be continued. 

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