The Vice President of MCCI Mr. Suren Vardanyan acquainted Greek entrepreneurs with the activities of the MCCI
On December 5, the Greek Embassy in Moscow held a business meeting with Greek companies, operating in Russia, as part of a meeting of the Joint  Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation between Greece and Russia. It was attended by the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Mr. Yevgeny Dietrich, and the Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece, Mr. Georgios Katrugalos. 
At the meeting, the aims and missions of the Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry were presented, along with existing regional business contingencies and options, maintaining the emphasis on the description of the opportunities and unique services that the two Chambers provide.
The Vice President of the MCCI, Mr. Vardanyan, in his overview of the activities of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, named it as the largest association of entrepreneurs in the capital of the Russian Federation: “The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites guilds and committees, which are the principal expert forums for discussing industry concerns, trends and legal issues, while developing consolidated solutions and sharing experience. 
The Moscow Chamber has signed cooperation agreements with more than a hundred Russian and foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and that  signifies real world experience for exchanging commercial offers during B2B negotiations, with a provided opportunity for using the MCCI’s “Business Market”, an online platform. There are countries’ commissions that advise Russian and foreign enterprises on doing business. We invite Greek companies to become partners, ” said Mr. Vardanyan.

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