Entrepreneurs of the Chinese city of Zibo are looking for partners in Moscow
On August 17, 2018, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a meeting with the delegation from Zibo (Shandong Province), attended by the Heads of the Committee of Economics and Information Technology, as well as some prominent companies of the province. 

The purpose of the visit was to study the investment climate in Moscow, to find ways for Chinese companies and entrepreneurs to enter new markets and explore opportunities for developing cooperation with Moscow's IT and e-commerce businesses. Zibo is the center of a large coal basin. Its main industries are petrochemical, textiles, pharmaceuticals, building materials, coal industry, metallurgy, machine building, glass production and power generation. 

Mr. Yuri Morozov, the Head of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce's International Cooperation Department, who hosted the Chinese delegation, noted that Moscow is Russia's largest economic center, which has created a first-class infrastructure for investment, business management and business development, which Chinese businessmen can put to use. 

In particular, during the meeting, the opportunities for Chinese companies to invest in the Moscow’s economy, cooperation in the field of information technologies, the opening of branches on the territory of Russia were discussed. The topics were interesting to both parties.  During the presentation, the guests identified several sectors of the economy that are most developed in Zibo and which, in their opinion, may be in demand in Russia. One example is the electrical engineering (electric power, electro mechanics), the others are chemical products, medicines, electronic equipment. 

The Head of the Chinese delegation, the Deputy Director of the Committee for Economy and Information Technology, Mr. Zibo Yu Minglei, outlined possible areas for cooperation: engineering, medicine, investment (mainly in IT-technology, the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce). The guests were also demonstrated an Internet platform, on which 700 enterprises, united in 30 different associations, are already cooperating with the business community of the Moscow region and investing in the Moscow economy. 

During the meeting, the advisers to the President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Artem Dalevich and Mr. Yuri Morozov, held negotiations with the Head of the electronic trading platform, "Shandong Qi." Mr. Dalevich presented the international digital platform "Business Market MCCI" , which allows producers of goods and service providers from different countries to find each other. The platform contains both the data about a particular product or service, as well as the company’s pertinent information. It also provides a quick contact. 

"We would like the Chinese partners from Shandong Province to take advantage of the capabilities of our digital platform for the presentation of goods and services. The wider the network of represented companies, the more likely that the desired partner will be found. The advantage of the "Business-market of the MCCI" platform is that all of the documents published on the company's pages (certificates, letters of appreciation, etc.) are certified. And, therefore, it becomes easier to find a reliable partner, " Mr. Dalevich stated.

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