The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry was visited by the Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris Ile –de-France, Mr. Etienne Jean Guoyt
On July 16, the leaders of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry met with the General Director of the Paris-Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Etienne Jean Guyot. 

The President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Vladimir Platonov, said: "Our Chambers have been cooperating for a long time already, working within the framework of the C6 Business Council. One may or may not like big cities, but they do exist and, as practice has shown, solve the problems that arise and then spread their experience to other cities - the right way. " The President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce congratulated his colleague on the victory of the French team in the World Cup Championship, conducted in the highest spirit of the Mundial, which was noted by the participants and guests of this major sporting event. 

The Head of the MCCI announced a business program, which, for the first time this year, will be organized by the MCCI within the auspices of the Moscow Urban Forum. "The discussion platforms will examine two important topics: the development of small and medium-sized businesses in large cities, and the development of the hospitality industry," said Mr. Platonov. He stressed that over the past year the city's budget revenue from tourism grew by 65 percent. "This means that we are moving in the right direction," he added. In addition, within the MUF-2018, the Council of the Heads of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Euro-Asia will meet to discuss a number of issues, related to the development of the system of cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

Mr. Jean Guyot expressed admiration for how quickly the Russian capital is changing and becoming more beautiful, specifically noting the development of the New Moscow. "It's always a special pleasure for me to come to Moscow. I was present at the final game of the World Cup and I can say that it was a very well organized event. Perhaps, in 2024, Paris will host the Olympic Games and your expertize will be very useful , "the French guest said. 

The meeting’s participants discussed the options for the development of the C6 Business Council, as well as the possibilities of the new electronic platform "Business Market", launched by the MCCI. The current plans of the Moscow Chamber call for implementing this platform worldwide. Mr. Guillault said that he will carefully study the materials presented, and hopes that French businessmen, just like their Russian counterparts, will soon be able to find partners using this service.

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