Council of heads of Chambers of Commerce of 6 megacities:
Moscow, Berlin, London, Paris, Beijing, Sao Paolo

Meeting of C6 Council was held in Moscow from 7th till 9th of Sep. 2017 

The agenda of stay of heads of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Moscow included discussion of opportunities to enhance the comfort of modern cities (session "Comfortable City for life"), a meeting with Mrs Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, a round table dedicated to the development of industrial parks and localization of production facitilies on the basis of Technopolis "Moscow", excursion and cultural program. Head of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was invited to participate in the meeting of C6 Council in 2017.

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C6 Council overview

The Business Council of the Chambers of Commerce of the largest cities of the world was formed in 2006 in analogy to the Council, created in 2004, by the mayors of Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris (М-4), which the mayor of Beijing subsequently joined.

On the initiative of the CCIs of Moscow and Berlin on November 2nd, 2006, in Berlin, the first meeting of the presidents of the CCIs of the European capitals (Berlin, Moscow, London, Paris) and the Beijing Sub-Council of China council for the promotion of international trade took place. The decision on creation of Business Council of the CCI (С5) was reached at this meeting.

Since then, the meetings of the heads of the Chambers of Commerce take place annually in each of the participant cities of the Council.

In 2012 the Business Council received its name С6, when the Brazilian megacity Sao-Paolo – the largest city in the Southern hemisphere - joined the Council. 

The purpose of the Council is in identifying of common economic interests and discussion of topical issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation of cities and chambers of Commerce. 

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