Established in 1991, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) is a non-government, non-commercial organization, a part  of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry System of the Russian Federation. The legal basis of the MCCI activities is set forth in the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation”, the law of the City of Moscow “On the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, the MCCI Charter.

The primary objective of the MCCI is to provide support to the business community of Moscow, promote entrepreneurship in Moscow, and assist in building efficient cooperation between the business community and the authorities.

The MCCI currently unites over 3500 companies representing various segments and sectors of the city’s economy – small and medium businesses, large enterprises, non-profit and educational organizations, overseas offices of foreign companies.

The Mission of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

- Protection and promotion of entrepreneurs’ interests
- Expansion of the customer and partner network for the member companies
- Professional development of the business community

MCCI Objectives:
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship;
  • Contribution to the socio-economic development of Moscow;
  • Representation and protection of rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs (especially MCCI members) in state government bodies in Russia and abroad;
  • Participation in promotion of socio-economic, investment, scientific and academic ties between Moscow and other subjects of the Russian Federation and foreign partners;
  • Promotion of rules of fair competition in the city of Moscow;
  • Support of modernization and innovative development of enterprises and organizations residing in Moscow.
MCCI fulfills the four principal functions:
  • MCCI is a major business association
  • MCCI provides a platform for dialog between the business community and the authorities
  • MCCI is an instrument of international cooperation development promoting business contacts with foreign Chambers of Commerce
  • MCCI – an efficient supplier of actively sought for business services
The development strategy of the MCCI adopted at the Board Meeting on April 26 2013 assumes the following key growth directions
  • Active collaboration with the MCCI members, enhancement of horizontal ties between the Chamber members
  • Efficient interaction with the authorities
  • Expansion of international and interregional cooperation
  • Provision of highly sought for services to market participants

One-stop-shop principle represents a major improvement of the Chamber’s interaction with its Members. The business community can receive prompt and detailed advice or service through a single communication channel without the need to look for a particular expert within the organization.

The Chamber's associations’ activities are also subject to reform. The MCCI currently incorporates guilds and committees, acting as working groups on a selected number of issues with subsequent submission of deliverables for review to the MCCI Board.

As part of the service model optimization the MCCI is seeking to optimize organization of events for better interaction within the business community, experience sharing, opinions exchange on urgent issues. Such events will be hosted on a regular basis in order to further enhance their efficiency.

The Chamber is aiming at increasing the proficiency level of the business community. The MCCI helps develop specialized educational programs for the members of the Chamber involving leading business experts. The Chamber also implements programs for the training of municipal officers aimed at increasing the efficiency of municipal governments.

The holistic initiative support is being developed by and within the framework of MCCI covering the entire flow from the initial step of idea advancement to the step of decision making by the public authorities. With this in mind a functional interaction with the Government of Moscow as well as the Moscow State Duma is being put in place.

Promotion of international cooperation is managed by MCCI in a form of MCCI Comissions on foreign economic cooperation with partners in various countries. Furthermore cooperation agreements have been signed with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Berlin, Paris, Manhattan, Boston and other cities of the globe. A further expansion of foreign partners’ circle is planned.

Membership in MCCI
MCCI membership is limited to Russian companies registered as legal entities.

Guilds and committees of MCCI

  1. Events (event management and interior design and decoration)
  2. Medical products manufacturers and service providers
  3. Logistic operators
  4. Non-governmental security agencies
  5. High technology enterprises and innovations
  6. Exhibition and trade-fair organizers
  7. Energy companies
  8. Construction industry
  9. Retail trade and services
  10. Utility companies
  11. Guild of IT technologies and digital communication

  1. Anti-corruption committee of Moscow
  2. Committee for support and promotion of young entrepreneurs
  3. Committee for support of entrepreneurship in architecture, design and construction
  4. Committee for promotion of foreign trade
  5. Committee for support of entrepreneurship in agriculture
  6. Committee for environment and sustainable use of natural resources
  7. Committee for education
  8. Committee for support of female entrepreneurs
  9. Committee for consulting
  10. Committee for light car passenger transportation
  11. Committee for private-public partnership development
  12. Committee for employment, labor and social welfare
  13. Committee for sustainable development of the economy’s real sector and investment
  14. Committee for wholesale and retail trade, public catering and personal services
  15. Committee for quality and development of business services
  16. Committee for methods of lean production
  17. Committee for self-regulation of entrepreneurship 
  18. Committee  for social business and support of social programmes
  19. Committee for tourism and hotel business
  20. Committee for energy issues

With questions please contact:
Mr Yury Morozov
Head of Division of International Relations of MCCI

Tel. +7 495 276 12 19, ext. 335

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