Organizational Structure

Division of the international and interregional cooperation

Head of Division - Mr Yury Morozov, tel. +7 495 276 12 80, 
Entrepreneurs are provided with consultation and support on international trading activities. The Division organizes and carries out activities on establishment and expansion of international contacts of the MCCI and its members. The Division also supervises implementation of investment projects and provides assistance in investment sourcing and covers international projects. The Division provides services related to document certification, accreditation, visa support and other types of services.

Department for interaction with the MCCI members and business support 
This is the central point of contact for the MCCI members. The Department covers the issues of entry to the MCCI, sector-specific Guilds activities. The Department’s objective is to provide support to the business community on a wide range of issues – starting from the Government of Moscow subsidies to production efficiency optimization. The Department is the first point of contact in the MCCI for entrepreneurs seeking consultancy or legal support. The Department also supervises the activities of the MCCI Committees, that are formed on the initiative of the Chamber Members to tackle areas of concern in doing business.

Division of exhibition and congress activities and project implementation
Deputy Head of Division - Mrs Lidia Lukashenko, tel. +7 495 221 0364, 
The Division is responsible for the MCCI participation in major international and domestic shows aimed at promotion and development of the Chamber members. The Division also covers issues of the patronage of strategically important exhibitions. The Division is also in charge of the MCCI and selected member-companies participation in forums, conferences, congresses, as well as supervision of business events agenda in Moscow. The Division organizes regular business missions for the MCCI members.

Division of information policy and public relations
Head of Division - Mr Nikolay Figurovsky, +7 495 276 12 19, ext. 329, 
The Division informs the general public on major problems faced by the entrepreneurial community. It also coordinates coverage of the Chamber’s events on the MCCI website and mass media – relying on the assistance of the Media Center. The Division provides a wide range of communication services and communication support to the MCCI members.
MCCI administrative department
Head of Department - Mrs Natalia Murashova, +7 495 276 12 19, ext. 302, 
The administrative department is responsible for the compliance with the MCCI Charter, coordination of the MCCI Board and General Committee meetings, as well as drafting of the protocols of the Chamber’s management bodies. The administrative department also coordinates the Chambers paperwork.
Economy and finance Division
Deputy accounting manager – Mrs Julia Luneva, +7 495 675 69 94
The economy and finance division is in charge of management and controlling of the MCCI financial operations.
Legal support Center -

Head of the Legal support Center - Mr Alexey Moiseev

Tel. +7 495 276 60 90, 
The Legal Support Center is in charge of services in the field of legal issues.
Maintenance division
Head of Division - Mrs Tatyana Volkova, 
The Division is in charge of event management within the Chamber premises as well as covering maintenance needs of the MCCI.
The Division provides support in rental of MCCI premises both for events and office needs.
Zelenograd branch of the MCCI
Head - Mr Vladimir Mokhte, tel. +7 (495) 249 47 21, 
The Zelenograd branch of the MCCI is a consultancy center for the MCCI members on the territory of Zelenogradsky district of Moscow – home to the major innovative enterprises of the Capital region.
The MCCI center for certification
Head - Mrs Irina Smolenko, +7 (495) 982-5009, 
The MCCI training and competence center for certification issues certificates of origin. A certificate of origin is an official document certifying the merchandise’ country of origin. It is issued by the exporting country’s body authorized to perform this function under the national law. A certificate of origin is normally required for obtaining of customs privileges for export and import activities, tax free import of goods or supplementary taxation relief. The certificate of origin is necessary for importing of goods and the buyer or the manufacture are required to provide it for customs inspection.

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