The MCCI’s venue was the location for discussions regarding the prospects of trade and economic cooperation with Iran.
On April 23, the Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Suren Vardanyan, met with the attaché for science and industry at the Embassy of Iran in the Russian Federation, Mr. Kazemi Seyedbehnam. Their meeting was primarily concerned with the prospects of cooperation in the fields  of high technology, mechanical engineering, medical equipment and electronics.
Mr. Vardanian told the representatives of the Republic of Iran that Moscow is mostly interested in such industrial applications as chemical production, biotechnology, aviation, electronics, IT-technologies, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
 Today, Moscow is ready to offer very interesting conditions for localization of such production. And, if an Iranian company has plans to start working on the territory of Moscow, there is a good location, where it would be possible to establish its enterprise and start moving forward,  a technology park.
 For instance, in recent years, drug manufacturers have become very active there. The fact is that if the products of these companies are interesting to the city and the investor devotes at least 15 million dollars for the construction of enterprises, this investor receives tax benefits, assistance and support. Moreover, within the framework of the investment agreement, it receives guarantees from the city, guarding it from non-commercial risks. For example, in case of changes in the tax system, the city guarantees that it will remain the same for this investor.
And that is not all. If the city is interested in the products of a company, it is possible to sign a contract to buy all of its products for the next 5-7 years. The city makes purchases under such investment contracts for 23 billion dollars annually.

Mr. Vardanian emphasized: "Moscow is a big city. There are 20 million people inhabiting it, so it is a huge market, the largest wholesale and retail site in Russia and a major logistics center. 
“Then, it seems, we are in the right place!” - Iranian guests responded.
Mr. Kazemi Seyedbehnam, said he had visited Russia many times and is familiar with local realities and customs. Iran plans to develop contacts with Russia; already more than 50 Iranian companies want to find partners here. The Iranian government is ready to subsidize them, to assume a part of their expenses. Already, this summer, an Iranian delegation  is planning to visit Moscow. The purpose of the visit is to establish bilateral relations with Russian entrepreneurs. Some representatives of Iranian business are ready to invest, others - to provide technological services.

Mr. Seyedbehnam asked for assistance in establishing contacts in Moscow. He provided a list of 50 Iranian companies, wishing to find partners in Moscow and said that he counts on the assistance of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry in establishing business contacts.
"Moscow is a very tough but highly profitable market. We will be glad to help you find partners and we certainly understand that any cooperation is a two-way street," Mr. Vardanian assured.

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