Moscow’s entrepreneurs have identified areas of cooperation with Indonesia
On April 4, a meeting of the capital's entrepreneurs with a delegation from Indonesia took place on the platform of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Hendry Saparini, the Managing Director of the Indonesian Centre for Economic Reforms, gave a detailed presentation on the country's economic situation and investment potential. She reported that the country is now one of the fastest growing countries in ASEAN. It is planned that by 2030 Indonesia will become the seventh largest economy in the world in terms of GDP growth, and by 2050 it will be the fourth largest economy in the world.
Nowadays, a rapid growth is observed in the sphere of telecommunications. Since the country is an archipelago, the most promising type of connection is mobile communication. Currently, development of fiber-optic network is on the way, which connects different islands of the country and communicates with the U.S. and Western European countries.
The main trade partners of the country are traditionally the USA, Singapore, China and Japan. Furthermore, the Indonesian authorities view Russia as a promising partner for the development of trade and other economic relations.
Indonesia attaches great importance to developing digital technology. According to Dr. Rinaldi Firmansyah, the Managing Partner of Fidelitas Capital, mobile communications, e-services, e-commerce and digital banking technologies are being comprehensively promoted in the country. Investments in the telecommunications market account for about 25 percent of the total volume. "Indonesia is an open country for investment," said Dr. Rinaldi Firmanshah.
Mr. Alexander Popov, the Chairman of the Commission for External Economic Partnership with Indonesia, noted that the new Indonesian leadership pays close attention to economic development and international cooperation.
Mr. Mikhail Kuritsyn, the Executive Director of the Business Council for Cooperation with Indonesia, said that Russia views Indonesia as a promising partner.
Among the main areas of cooperation are shipbuilding, power engineering, production of components for gas turbine power plants, etc.
The meeting was attended by representatives of large Russian companies operating in the field of geological exploration, energy, food processing, etc.
Mr. Stanislav Korolev, the Chairman of the Commission on Foreign Economic Cooperation with Pakistan, proposed  considering the possibility of organizing trilateral cooperation between Russia, Indonesia and Pakistan in the field of fruit processing, particularly mangoes. As Dr. Hendry Saparini noted, Indonesia is interested in obtaining technologies for processing agricultural products, including those designed for small volumes.
The Vice-President of the MCCI, Mr. Suren Vardanyan, thanked all the participants of the meeting and noted that, in his opinion, it will promote the development of trade and business contacts between our countries.
The event was supported by the Moscow City Government and the Department of Economic Policy and Development 

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